Adrienne von Speyr - Ewigkeit in der Zeit - Feste im Kirchenjahr

Ewigkeit in der Zeit: Feste im Kirchenjahr Eternity in Time: The Feasts of the Church Year

First published in 2017, the present volume (as its subtitle, The Church Year, suggests) gathers meditations on liturgical feasts scattered throughout Adrienne von Speyr’s posthumous works, especially her diaries. The idea for this project goes back to a plan drawn up by Hans Urs von Balthasar before his death.

Foreword by Bishop Felix Genn

Liturgical Feasts
Immaculate Conception
Holy Innocents
The Holy Family
The Circumcision
New Year’s Day
The Holy Name of Jesus
The World Week of Prayer
The Presentation
Holy Thursday
Holy Friday
Holy Saturday
Trinity Sunday
Corpus Christi
The Visitation
The Transfiguration
The Assumption
The Name of Mary
Our Lady of Sorrows
All Saints
All Souls
Christ the King

The Holy Name of Jesus

In receiving his name, the Lord enters into both an anonymity and an eminence with respect to all other human beings. Many before him had borne this name. Indeed, by the very fact of taking a name he accepts his place in the chain of innumerable human beings, even to the point of seeming to be deprived of the uniqueness of his divine name. Taking on a human name, he shows once again how serious he is about his mission for the world. On the other hand, he raises this name out of the human average into the uniqueness of his divinity and his mission. From now on, it will be his name. . . Mary knows this when the child receives this name told her by the angel. When she calls the child by this name, she surely has the feeling every mother has: My child is special, he is somehow different from all other children. And yet in her case this feeling is based on absolute truth.

From Earth and Heaven II