Adrienne von Speyr - Bereitschaft - Dimensionen christlichen Gehorsams

Bereitschaft Readiness

The present volume was originally published in 1975 (8 years after Adrienne von Speyr’s death) under the subtitle Dimensions of Christian Obedience. It corresponds to a part of the posthumous work Ignatiana and consists of meditations on the path of Christ-like obedience directed primarily to those committed to life in the evangelical counsels. As Hans Urs von Balthasar writes in his introduction to the work, such readers “should come away from it with the certain conviction that it’s pointless to enter on this path either expecting eventual compromises or making them from the outset. It’s in radicalism alone that one attains the perfect freedom of love.”

Introduction by Hans Urs von Balthasar

Obedience as a Way of Following Christ
Prayer and Readiness in the Novitiate
Love as a Source of Obedience
Naked Obedience in Love
Child-likeness in Obedience
Counsel and Command
Formed by God’s Will
Obedience as Being in Suspension
Virginity and Obedience
Personal Truth and the Truth of the Spirit
My Unconscious Limits Make the Superior Look Like a Liar
Introduced into the Openness of Obedience
Excessive Demand
Divisions of Obedience
Obedience and Penance
Stages of Obedience
Practice of Obedience
My Will is Thy Will
False Alternatives
Obedience in Subject and Superior
Obedience of the Subject in the Obedience of the Superior
Love and the Mind of the Officeholder
How not to Demand Obedience
The Superior and the Rule
Adaptation of the Rule
Three Ways of Demanding Obedience
On the Human Measure
The Measure of Penance is Surrendered to the Church
Defying Limits (in Penance)
One Has Nothing to Offer but Oneself
Letting Be
Trinitarian Obedience in Religious Life
“I Thirst” and Obedience
Not Relative
My Obedience Passes over into the Church’s
Self-transcendence of Obedience
Primary Obedience
The Mount of Olives: Responsible Obedience
Obedience to the Spirit
Confession and Obedience
Heavenly Consent and Earthly Obedience
Opening the Conscience
On Experiments in the Novitiate
Prayer After the Novitiate

Obedience is a grace so great that one should be gladly willing to pay something to learn it fully. One should find a way, not just to live in obedience, but also to live by it. It can be a daunting thought: Perhaps I’ll be required to do exactly what I had never contemplated doing. It’s just this unknown quantity, though, that one should bundle together in a kind of vow and then hand over whole and entire to the Church without trying to opening the package. The package unites humiliation and joy. At that point, one can expect the unexpected, perhaps even the very difficult, in a spirit of child-like serenity. One is grateful to be used (in whatever way) as an instrument.

From “The Self-transcendence of Obedience”